James W. Meng

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Russian History & Culture for the Federal Citizenship Examinations


An Honest Employee Review of Sotheby's and a Public Complaint to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, and United States Attorney General

TANDREW OF LIKIERMANIA: Ever wish you could help everyone avoid a fraud? So do I.

A Labor-Based Analysis of United States “Safe Country” Claims in Political Asylum Cases

Mikhail Gorbachev Is An Idiot

On Internet Fraud Committed at a Major Research University

Placeholders for an Execution: Proof of Concept for a 21st-century 'Oprichnina'

The "Rogozin Drill": A Meta-Discussion Of Technological Product Launches Circa 1920-2020

A Comprehensive Discussion of Bavarian-American Hick Trucks

So you decided to buy an house in America.

That Time I Bought Alexey Kudrin A Bathroom Mirror, And Other Stories: A Guide to Political Asylum and Foreign Citizenship for Victims of the United States Government


I Know Why The Caged Bush Paints