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I maintain this site in lieu of a LinkedIn page. Most people are better served by standard communication channels, chiefly, by e-mail and by telephone. LinkedIn provides little of value to anyone other than corporate HR departments and Western governments, both of whom use it primarily as a data collection and surveillance device. This site was put together in raw HTML in a few minutes' time. Say what you want about this as a stylistic choice, but it is many times faster to render and respond to input than LinkedIn on any device.

I have a wide-ranging background in highly technical, complex business development, strategic marketing, sales and account management concerns. I am enthusiastic about working through complex business development and analysis challenges in any industry, and have a consistent track record of combining analytical breakthroughs with substantial business results. I also have full-stack web development/design and technical project/product management experience.

2019-2020     Teleperformance (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
      Operations Supervisor
  • Most recently, I worked as a call center supervisor at Teleperformance Montréal on behalf of the United Kingdom division of American venture-backed peer-to-peer car rental platform TURO.
  • I handled elevated support requests from car hosts and renters, managing support tickets to resolution throughout various functional areas of the client organisation and its commercial partners using their CRM systems at a Teleperformance office site.
  • I also oversaw the activities of a team of call center agents, managing a wide array of commercial issues for the client alongside the personnel management duties associated with the agent team.
  • I was highly proficient as a supervisor and agent, and team morale as well as customer satisfaction were consistently the highest out of all client regions.
2017-2019     Linguist & Translator (Moscow & Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  • While living in Russia as a political refugee, I worked as a freelance linguistic specialist in a range of contexts. This included work as a client manager, teacher, translator, and writer in English on behalf of various Russian companies. I also produced the first English-language translation of the Russian Federal Migration Service's Russian History & Culture material used for the government residency and citizenship examinations. My clients included the following:
  • Grand Capital, Client Manager, Saint Petersburg
  • IELTSnow!, Teacher, Saint Petersburg
  • Cryptouniverse, Translator, Saint Petersburg
  • Federal Foreign Language Center, Teacher, Saint Petersburg
  • Vostock Capital, Translator, Saint Petersburg
  • Enjoy Camp, Teacher, Moscow
2015-2019     VLNLAB (Seattle, Washington, USA & Moscow, Russia)
  • I invented the first concert-quality 3D printable violin and viola, which can be produced for less than $50 on inexpensive Fused Deposition Modeling 3D printers and provides the sound quality of something equivalent to an instrument ordinarily found in the US$5,000 range or higher.
  • In exchange for my contributions to humanity, the U.S. Government's security services essentially attempted to destroy my life and then kill me, while making it appear to be an accident. Full documentation of this, inclusive of photographic and videographic evidence, is available on the page entitled Abuse by the United States Government. Also available is the VLNLAB Release Note.
2016-2017     miPS Labs, now Silene Biotech (Seattle, Washington, USA)
      Marketing & Strategy Consultant (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • I built and executed commercial and digital marketing strategy for the launch of the United States' first personal stem cell cryopreservation and cultivation service. Based at the University of Washington and launched out of the lab of Dr. Deok-Ho Kim, miPS Labs was created to more effectively facilitate future regenerative medical therapies for serious diseases from diabetes to Alzheimer's through the preservation and cultivation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).
2012-2015     Sotheby's (Palm Beach, Florida, USA)
      Regional Business Development, Florida
  • As Sotheby's Florida representative, procured works of art for global sales, handling business development, contract negotiation, and relationship management functions for private collectors and trade entities
  • Exceeded targets each year, generating over US$29M in fine art sales sourced within the state by identifying, communicating, and closing advantageous sale opportunities with clients
  • Developed and executed a strategic plan to recruit new clients, increase commission margins, and improve close rate on competitive consignments, resulting in a 93% margin on new business in 2014 and nearly doubling the close rate relative to my predecessors, while increasing the number of new sellers by 60%
  • Expanded the office's reach beyond the traditional high-net-worth markets of Miami and Palm Beach to generate US$3M of annual sales from new markets within Florida
  • Selected by senior management to participate in a development program for high-potential employees
2011-2012     Media Ingenuity Ltd. (London, United Kingdom)
      Business Development Analyst, Life Insurance & Mortgages
  • Supported the Life Insurance and Mortgage sections of TotallyMoney.com, the UK's largest financial services marketer, as a business developer, business analyst, and project manager
  • Increased life insurance gross profit by 8% within first six weeks by auditing the firm's automatic validation system for applications to reveal and remove variables that increased error rate
  • Increased mortgage profit margin from 4% to 47% and revenue by more than 250% by building relationships with mortgage lenders and brokers, securing price increases from brokers, and lowering customer acquisition cost via marketing analysis and optimization of marketing spend across channels
  • Prepared qualitative and quantitative analysis reports identifying new market segments, evaluating opportunities, and regularly reviewing competitor channel strategy
  • Responsible for IT project management, user interface / user experience and associated product testing, and other technical functions for the firm's life insurance and mortgage brokerage verticals
2009     Morgan Stanley (Boca Raton, Florida, USA)
      Summer Intern, Private Wealth Management Operations
  • Supported client service & account maintenance for a major high-net-worth client office
  • Completely built new database system from the ground up for the office to manage client eligibility requirements for new security issues
2008-2009     Albany Symphony Orchestra (Albany, Georgia, USA)
      Section Violist
  • Performed in a full concert season as a section violist in South Georgia's primary professional orchestra
2011     London Business School
      M.S., Management
      Diploma (reprint) Diploma (original)
2010     University of Florida
      B.A., Business Administration & B.A. Russian Language & Literature, summa cum laude
      Diploma #1 Diploma #2
      International Equivalencies
2015     Duke University
      Data Visualization & Communication with Tableau
2015     Microsoft Corporation
      DAT206x: Excel for Data Analysis and Visualization
2016     Microsoft Corporation
      DAT201x: Querying with Transact-SQL
      English, Russian, French
  • Data science: Python/R/SQL/Tableau/Microsoft PowerBI
  • Full-stack web development: HTML, JavaScript, server management, project management, etc. Design & development to common content delivery platforms.
  • Unix/Linux/BSD usage on the level typically expected of system administrators
  • Advanced Excel